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Why funding is needed

Boat traffic between Lake Michigan and Pentwater Lake is extremely important to the economic health of our community. It supports the fishing community, and brings boats, guests, shoppers, and potential residents to the Pentwater area. Inability to use the channel would adversely affect life in the Pentwater area, and would almost certainly decrease property values and tax revenues.

The channel that provides the connection fills with sand, and has required dredging almost every year for at least 30 years. Historically, it has been as shallow as 2 feet in 1867 and 1921. In the past, the dredging has been funded by the federal government. It seems very unlikely that such funding will be available this year, and very uncertain about future years.

Blue Water

Current Information

July 20, 2022:  The threat of channel closure has been eliminated!  Pentwater Channel dredging is COMPLETE and the Harbor is OPEN,  thanks to generous local donations; and our State representatives have come through with FY22 appropriations for the US Army Corp of Engineers to do a deep dredge for 2023 season as well.  


Great news to not only the residents and boaters of Pentwater, but transient boaters as well!

 The Pentwater Community is looking forward to hosting Chicago to Mac Racers and vacation cruisers alike!



The Village of Pentwater and the Protect Pentwater Harbor Channel committee are not letting up on continued pressure and efforts to find a long term solution to our channel shoaling efforts and dredging needs!  Stay tuned as we work with organizations like the Village of Pentwater, Pentwater Township, the Pentwater Lake Improvement Board, and other shallow harbor communities, all of whom cannot rely on last minute emergency appropriations to keep their local economies open. 

So don’t delay!  Tell all your friends and fellow boaters to make your summer plans to include a stop in charming Pentwater!

Historical Information about the
Pentwater Channel

Protecting the Harbor has been the long time work of Dave Roseman who provides all the depth readings since 2012 on his website. We encourage you to learn more about the past efforts as you stay aware of the current needs.


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